Achieve your fitness goals with 40% off Anatomically Correct personal training

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Offer highlights:

  • Anatomically Correct is a unique personal-training-only gym that provides customized programs, interactive exercise equipment and the expertise of New York personal trainer Mike Creamer.
  • Choose between Indoorance interactive rowing, 2x Crew Interactive Rowing or the Body Composition and Posture Assessment.
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    Indoorance Interactive Rowing
  • Enjoy a brand-new fitness program that combines the total-body exercise of indoor rowing with an interactive 3-D technology and one-on-one coaching with expert rower.
  • Learn proper rowing technique.
  • Use indoor rowing to develop better fitness and cross-train for your sport
  • Learn how to synch your rowing workouts to your FREE iPhone and Facebook app.
  • TONY Price $95 (reg. $150)

  • 2x Crew Interactive Rowing
  • This particular activity is a two-for-one package deal
  • Row side-by-side with a friend as you crew together on the virtual river.
  • Learn how to synch your movement and work together as a team.
  • Row one-on-one or race against a pace boat or each other.
  • TONY Price $145 (reg. $200)

  • Anatomically Correct Body Composition and Posture Assessment
  • Before you head to the gym, find out how you stand and measure up with an Anatomically Correct BodyComp and Posture Assessment—the perfect start to your New Year's fitness resolutions.
  • Take your body-fat measurement using Biometrix ultrasound technology (as featured in the "4-hour Body" by Tim Ferriss)—no calipers, no pinching!
  • Get a head-to-toe posture screen with digital photos of the front, back and side views.
  • Includes waist-to-hip ratio and BMI calculations.
  • A personalized report is delivered via e-mail.
  • TONY Price $150 (reg. $250)

Need to know:

  • To redeem, call Mike at 212-353-8834, or e-mail to schedule an appointment.
  • All sales are final.
  • Offer expires February 28, 2013.


Anatomically Correct
142 Wooster Street, New York, NY, 10012